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As a homebound globe trotter, I'm spending quite a bit of time this year adding new details to my flat that will make it comfier and enjoyable. For me, cosy home is associated with bohemian ambience and I'm always striving to add a few exotic elements in my personal space that remind me of my travels.

Outside of plants, what are the items I've found to instantly bring a bohemian vibe in a place?

Rattan baskets

I love rattan baskets not just for their beautiful natural smell but because they can instantly elevate a flower or plant pot. From the other side, if you like lying on your sofa or bed under a blanket or with a few extra pillows, you can hide them when not using them in a rattan basket. I also put my spare lace fabric into the basket, in a way it comes out slightly from the edges adding a nice romantic touch as if a beautiful lace garment is hidden in this wicker case.

Natural rattan baskets are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection in 10 different colours for £6 with free delivery to UK.

Rattan Wall Hooks Rack

Rattan wall hooks have a very delicate edge comparing to other wall hooks racks and you can use them for multiple purposes outside of just hanging coats. You can hang towels, aprons, kitchen gloves, ornaments, plants, you can even decorate them with fairy lights to add this extra sparkle to your room in the long winter evenings.

Wooden rattan wall hooks are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection for £17 with free worldwide shipping.

Rattan serving tray

Even when I'm not eating any sophisticated meals, I enjoy having a beautifully decorated dining table. On Saturday morning, when we're usually enjoying a porridge with various add-ons that we place on the table for everyone to mix as they like, I am organising all of the condiments on a rattan tray and serving them beautifully on the table leaving them in the tray as part of the table decoration. I find this very uplifting. Furthermore, even if you're using the tray for serving drinks or a meal, it feels like a treat to both yourself and whoever else is joining you. You're giving everyone the 5* treatment!

Hand-woven rattan serving trays are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection for £19.5 with free worldwide shipping.

Macrame plant hangers

I like very much indoor plants but I end up having quite a few of them on floors or surfaces. Macrame hangers are a beautiful way to enjoy your plants without overly saturating your living space surfaces with them. Besides that, they are a handcrafted piece of art that you get to appreciate and decorate as you like, you can colour them, you can wrap fairy lights around them and create a nice festive atmosphere. We also discovered some amazing 3M wall stickers that can hold up to a couple of kg in weight so we're using those to hang these in our flat so that we don't make any holes on the walls.

Macrame plant hangers are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection for £18.5 with free worldwide shipping.

Macrame coasters

Macrame coasters are a beautiful decoration for your dining table adding a bohemian touch instantly. You can use them either as a pad under your candles or place any hot dishes or as a coaster for your drink. I feel like whatever it is I'm eating or drinking at the dining table, it's a treat with a beautiful coaster underneath.

Pure handmade macrame pads are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection for £5 with free worldwide shipping.

Storage baskets with lid


Sometimes, I feel that no matter how organised I am, there are a few items that don't have a designated place and make certain areas of the room look messy. I really enjoy having some spare baskets with lids around to hide this kind of items or organise my cosmetics, stationery, etc.

Sets of handmade rattan storage baskets with lids are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection for £18 (set of 3) with free worldwide shipping.

Cushions with tassels

Tassels are so beautiful and playful and they actually have various meanings in some cultures. I also love having many pillows as they can make your rest so much comfier.

Replace your cushion covers with tasselled ones in the colours or your curtains or carpet to create a restful bohemian vibe on your couch or bed. Just make sure to match the colours with the rest of the room. I promise you'll remember me saying that in both cases!

Cotton-blend tasselled cushion covers are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection from £20 with free worldwide shipping.

Macrame chandelier

I love chandeliers but in bohemian rooms, they usually seem a bit too fancy. I prefer much more cotton macrame chandeliers that can be hung at various levels and transform a corner or the whole room. They are very beautifully combined with green plants in various shades for a more minimalistic boho style or floral throws for more romantic rustic ambience. Plus they're always handwoven, so they are a piece of art!

Handmade macrame chandeliers are available in the 'Feel Bali' collection from £62 with free worldwide shipping.

This might not be an exhaustive list but you should know I've spent hours trying to find the best natural or handmade items for modern era spaces that can be used whether you prefer more minimal design or maximalism. Personally, I move across the whole spectrum. How about you? Did we miss anything?

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