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Welcome to Greece

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to teleport to a nice Greek island?
While we wait for scientists to sort out teleporting, we brought Greek...


Dance in Rio

This collection is a celebration of life. And there's no better place to be inspired other than Rio. Dance at the carnival, dance because your...


When in Morocco

A mosaic of experiences captured during travels to Morocco...put on unique garments. A collection of boho style clothing, vibrant swimwear and colourful sportswear for women...


A fairytale in Bavaria

It's all about the little things that matter.
We curated and designed a collection of clothing and home accessories that will bring you and your loved...


Feel Bali

Bali is a feeling, not a place.
We curated a collection of boho style clothing and home accessories that will bring the serenity of Bali to...


C'est Magnifique

Stop and look around you. Life is magnificent.
Full of change, full of beauty and magic.
This curated collection of clothing and home decor will...

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